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Planer 1: Making Board Meetings easy

The tool you need to set up, run and administer Board Meetings more efficiently than ever before. Our tool enables Board members and Assistants to implement the new way of work.


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What is gertrud's Planer 1?

The Planer 1 covers the entire process of preparing and conducting Board Meetings.
It focuses on the essentials and cuts out all the tedious back and forth of planning, thereby saving up you to 40% of preparation time that can be used on other important topics.

Planer 1 is easy to use and the intuitive structure makes your work easier from the very first planning.

Saves Time

Up to 40% compared to using common tools like Excel.

Saves resources

Setting up Board Meetings becomes a sideline in CxO offices

Ready for the whole process

gertrud offers tools to set up, manage, update and run meetings – and even covers writing a protocol afterwards.

Streamlines workflows
Throughout your organization employees will benefit from a clearly defined process with a high degree of transparency

Digitalizes your organization from the top

Through Planer 1, Board Offices become digital role models

Developed inside a CEO Office
Planer 1 started out based on the needs in an actual office

Core Product Features

Plain and simple interface
What you need – nothing less and especially nothing more
Easy functionality

Drag’n’drop and a state-of-the-art interface allow even unexperienced users to set up meetings easily

Outlook calendar integration

Planer 1 sends out and updates all invites for you

Role management for users

Define who can register Topics (TOPs) and organize a meeting within your company

Agenda management for upcoming meetings

Change or update Topics (TOPs) within seconds and synchronize all associated files in real time

Seamless integration with existing IT infrastructure

Synchronizes with Microsoft ​Teams (Azure) but also works as a standalone​


Team & Story

Why gertrud digital?

gertrud is a Start-Up with PHAT CONSULTING. The first product came out of a joint project where gertrud digital was created through the passion of the participants.
With gertrud we bridge the gap between the complex office processes and Office 365, in which gertrud integrates seamlessly. The result is a uniform platform for collaboration, from the Board to the employee.

Who is gertrud digital ?
Our software brings to live the new way of work and supports the digitalization of Board Offices. The portfolio aims to cover the entire collaboration with the support of Teams technology and additional features – comfortable and comprehensive like the precision, efficiency and organizational skill of a caring grandmother. This is gertrud.

Sven Rebbert, CEO, gertrud digital
Sven Rebbert

Sven focuses on empowering Assistants and Board members to live the new way of working.

​Nils Langemann
Nils is techfounder/CEO of PHAT CONSULTING and long-time digitization companion for DAX 100 companies. He focuses on Microsoft technologies.

Microsoft & gertrud digital 

We were very lucky to present gertrud digital on the Microsoft Business Summit in October 2019. Find out more about our solutions, story and how Planer 1 works with Microsoft Teams and Microsoft O365.

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Case Study Microsoft gertrud digital

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